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So, what's up guys, this is blog post number 5 on semrush free keywords, and now we're going to talk about the gaming sector and gaming-related keywords.

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Download 6500 Gaming Keywords with Keyword difficult less than 30 #

Basically, the gaming industry is massive and rapidly expanding, and it shows no signs of slowing down. From children to adults, everyone wants to play mobile games, computer games, video games, console games, and almost every other type of gaming, and they want to experience the thrill of playing video games.

Market stats #

The global PC gaming market is expected to generate almost 37 billion US dollars in revenue by 2020, while the mobile gaming market is expected to earn more than 77 billion US dollars.

In this gaming category, you can promote a variety of products such as gaming PCs, gaming consoles, playstations, headphones, gaming chairs, and nearly anything else. You can also promote major games, promo codes, and a variety of other things in this category.

I've provided you over 6500 different keywords with a difficulty of less than 30 in the sprogramme, and you can do some nice research on this spreadsheet file sheet and filter it down to your unique niche.

Content Marketing: #

start writing blog posts or make a website on it or create a tools website and anything you can write on a specific game and people will follow it because I have seen number of websites which are focused on single games, single popular games and they have Nice traffic and they too promotes lots of products from Amazon and also use different types of affiliate networks

So, what exactly is content marketing? Basically, you can use these keywords to narrow down to very specific games and write different types of blog posts on how to play this game, how to get the skins, write different types of how to and Guides and tutorials, and Google will love to feature your website in SERP Rankings

I hope you use these keywords more effectively and add value to your visitors or business. I am adding value to you by providing you with free 6500 gaming keywords.

Some Gaming Statistics from statista website #

Retail gaming revenue in the United States was 4.34 billion US dollars in April 2022.

A video game is an electronic game that can be played on a computer, gaming console, or mobile phone. Video games are classified into two types based on their platform: computer games and console games. However, the advent of social networks, smartphones, and tablets in recent years has given rise to new genres such as mobile and social games. Since the first games appeared in the 1970s, video games have come a long way. Today's video games have photorealistic graphics and imitate reality to an incredible degree in many cases.

Gaming Affiliate Programs #

  1. Leprestore Affiliate Program

  2. Razer Affiliate Program

  3. Alienware Affiliate Program

  4. Zygor Guides Affiliate Program

  5. Nvidia Affiliate Program

  6. Final Mouse Affiliate Program

  7. Modded Zone Affiliate Program

  8. Bose Affiliate Program

  9. Into The AM Affiliate Program

  10. Microsoft Affiliate Program

Here's the link for the excel file.