What Happened to Angel in Money Heist

Angel’s fate in Money Heist takes a tragic turn. During the first heist, she’s captured by the authorities and interrogated, revealing the team’s plans. As a result, she’s severely injured and later succumbs to her wounds, leaving behind a void in the group and a reminder of the sacrifices made in their quest for redemption.

Angel’s Backstory and Recruitment

Ángel Rubio, known as Angel, is a minor character in the Spanish crime drama Money Heist. He joins the gang in Season 3 as a replacement for Oslo.


  • Born and raised in Spain
  • Worked as a security guard
  • Has a wife and two children
  • Joined the Resistance against the new government


When Oslo is killed in Season 3, the gang needs a new member with security experience. Angel is recruited because of his:

  • Security knowledge
  • Physical strength
  • Loyalty and dedication

After a brief interrogation, Angel is accepted into the gang and assigned the codename “Ángel.”

Real NameCodename
Ángel RubioÁngel

Angel’s Role in the Money Heist

Angel was a member of the criminal gang that executed the heists in the Netflix series “Money Heist.” He played a crucial role in the planning and execution of the meticulously crafted robberies.

  • Computer Expert: Angel was the expert hacker and computer whiz of the group. He provided technological support, including hacking into security systems and manipulating surveillance cameras.
  • Explosives Specialist: Angel was skilled in handling and detonating explosives. He was responsible for creating the explosives used to breach the vaults and create chaos during the heists.
  • Strategy and Planning: Angel contributed to the overall planning and strategy of the heists. He analyzed potential risks, identified vulnerabilities, and provided tactical advice.
Computer ExpertHacking and Surveillance
Explosives SpecialistHandling and Detonation
Strategy and PlanningAnalysis and Advice

Angel’s Fate Revealed

Angel Rubio, a member of the heist crew in the popular series “Money Heist,” met his demise during the show’s fifth and final season.

Angel, an accomplished hacker and skilled technician, played a crucial role in the heists orchestrated by the Professor. He provided technical expertise and support, ensuring the smooth functioning of their plans.

However, Angel’s loyalty was put to the test when he fell in love with Monica Gaztambide, a police inspector who infiltrated the Royal Mint of Spain during the first heist. Despite his unwavering dedication to the crew, Angel’s love for Monica conflicted with his duty.

As the series progressed, Angel found himself caught between his loyalties. He struggled to reconcile his desire to support the heists with his love for Monica and his growing sense of guilt over the innocent lives that were being put at risk.

Fateful Showdown

In the final season, Angel’s inner conflict came to a head. He realized the true nature of the Professor’s plans and the devastating consequences they could have.

Torn between his love and his conscience, Angel ultimately decided to betray the Professor and the heist crew. He informed the police of the Professor’s latest heist plot, leading to a tense standoff at the Bank of Spain.

During the final confrontation, Angel attempted to shield Monica from harm but was fatally shot by Gandía, a ruthless security chief employed by the authorities. Angel’s death served as a tragic reminder of the sacrifices made and the consequences of loyalty and betrayal.

Angel Rubio’s Role and Demise
Skilled hacker and technicianShot and killed by Gandía
Loyal member of the heist crew
Torn between loyalty and loveBetrayed the Professor and joined the police

Angel’s Impact on Money Heist

The loss of Angel, one of the fan-favorite characters in Money Heist, left a significant impact on the series and its characters. His tragic death in the second season sent shockwaves throughout the gang and had lasting consequences that shaped the storyline.

  • Emotional Loss: Angel’s death deeply affected his friends and colleagues. Denver, his closest companion, was devastated by his loss and struggled to cope with his absence.
  • Tactical Disadvantage: Angel’s absence left the gang with one less skilled hacker, weakening their technical capabilities during the heists. His expertise in opening safes and manipulating security systems was invaluable.
  • Increased Tension: The loss of Angel fueled tensions within the gang, especially between Denver and Palermo. Palermo’s role in Angel’s death strained their relationship and cast a shadow over their subsequent interactions.
CharacterImpact of Angel’s Death
DenverDevastated, struggled with grief and anger
PalermoStrained relationship with Denver, faced guilt and remorse
RioFelt responsible for Angel’s death, experienced self-blame

Angel’s loss not only affected the gang’s emotional state but also forced them to adapt their tactics and relationships. His absence left a void that was never fully filled, shaping the course of subsequent heists and the dynamics between the characters.

Well, folks, there you have it – the tragic tale of what happened to Angel in Money Heist. It’s a story of sacrifice, strength, and the indomitable spirit of those who fight for what they believe in. Thanks for sticking with me to the end. I hope this article gave you a deeper understanding of Angel’s character and her impact on the show. If you enjoyed this trip down memory lane, be sure to check back for more Money Heist-related content in the future. Until then, stay frosty and remember – even in the darkest of times, there’s always hope.