Where Was Db Cooper Money Found

The location of D.B. Cooper’s stolen money remains a mystery. Despite his daring plane hijacking and parachute jump in 1971, no significant amount of the $200,000 ransom was ever recovered. Over the years, various claims have surfaced regarding the money’s whereabouts, but none have been conclusively verified. Some believe it was lost or destroyed in the wilderness, while others speculate that it was laundered or hidden by accomplices. The true fate of D.B. Cooper’s stolen fortune continues to be an unsolved puzzle, fueling speculation and captivating the public’s imagination.
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Theories On DB Cooper’s Money’s Fate

The fate of D.B. Cooper’s money remains a mystery. Here are some of the prevailing theories:


Some believe the money was recovered by law enforcement or private citizens but never publicly disclosed.


  • May have been scattered by the wind after Cooper’s parachute opened, making it difficult to find
  • May have broken apart in mid-air, dispersing the bills over a wide area


Cooper may have buried the money, intending to return for it later. Potential hiding spots include:

  • In the woods near the landing site
  • Along the riverbank where his parachute was found
  • In a safety deposit box under a different name

Still In Circulation

A small portion of the money may still be in circulation, undetected amidst the vast amount of currency in the U.S.

Other Theories

  • Cooper’s stash was discovered by someone who kept it a secret
  • The money was seized as evidence and never returned to Cooper
  • Cooper was killed before he could retrieve the money
Money RecoveredLow
Money ScatteredModerate
Money BuriedHigh
Money Still In CirculationPossible but unlikely

Investigation and Analysis

The investigation into the D.B. Cooper case remains one of the most intriguing unsolved mysteries in aviation history. Despite extensive efforts, the vast majority of the ransom money Cooper extorted has never been recovered.

  • Initial Search: Immediately following the hijacking, law enforcement agencies conducted a thorough search of the area where Cooper was believed to have parachuted. However, no trace of the money or Cooper himself was found.
  • Forensic Analysis: Over the years, several suspects have been investigated, but none have been definitively linked to the crime. Forensic analysis of the ransom notes has provided some limited clues, such as the use of a unique typewriter.
  • Follow-up Searches: Periodically, new leads have emerged that have prompted additional searches. In 1980, a bundle of banknotes identified as part of the ransom money was found on the banks of the Columbia River. However, subsequent investigations determined that these notes had been contaminated and were not genuine.

Despite the lack of a definitive resolution, the D.B. Cooper case continues to captivate the public’s imagination. The following table summarizes some of the key findings from the investigation:

Ransom Amount$200,000 in unmarked $20 bills
ParachuteFound in a wooded area near Lake Merwin, Washington
Ransom NotesTwo typewritten notes, one delivered to the flight attendant, the other found on the plane
SuspectsNumerous individuals have been investigated, but none definitively identified as D.B. Cooper
Unrecovered MoneyApproximately $195,000 remains unaccounted for

Unresolved Mystery

D.B. Cooper Money: Unclaimed Fortune

The whereabouts of the money stolen by D.B. Cooper in 1971 remains a mystery that has captivated the world. Despite exhaustive searches and numerous theories, the bulk of the ransom money has never been found.

A summary of the events:

  • On November 24, 1971, a man known as D.B. Cooper hijacked a Northwest Orient Airlines flight from Portland to Seattle.
  • He extorted $200,000 in cash and demanded the release of four parachutes.
  • Cooper jumped from the plane over southwestern Washington state and was never seen again.

Bits and Pieces of the Cash

Over the years, small portions of Cooper’s loot have been discovered:

  • In 1980, a boy discovered a bundle of $5,800 in cash buried near Vancouver, Washington. It was matched to the serial numbers of Cooper’s ransom money.
  • In subsequent years, additional small amounts of cash have been found in various locations, including a $20 bill and a $100 bill.
  • However, the majority of the ransom money, estimated to be around $180,000, remains unaccounted for.

Ongoing Theories and Speculation

Numerous theories have emerged about what became of the unfound money:

  1. Theories of Destruction: Some speculate that the money was destroyed in the drop zone or in a subsequent fire or explosion.
  2. Theories of Retrieval: Others theorize that Cooper secretly retrieved the money after jumping from the plane or that someone else found it later.
  3. Theories of Burial: It has also been suggested that Cooper buried the money somewhere and never returned to retrieve it.

No Closure, Only Questions

Despite the passage of time and numerous investigations, the mystery of the D.B. Cooper money remains unsolved. The location of the remaining $180,000 continues to fuel speculation and the allure of the unresolved crime.

D.B. Cooper Ransom Money
$5,800Found near Vancouver, WashingtonRecovered
Small additional amountsFound in various locationsRecovered
$180,000 (estimate)UnknownUnrecovered

Thanks so much for sticking with us until the end of this wild Cooper saga! We didn’t find the money this time, but that only means the mystery lives on. Who knows, maybe the truth is just around the corner. In any case, stay tuned for more updates from this intriguing case. We’ll keep you posted if anything new develops. And thanks again for reading. Drop by again soon, won’t you?