Where Did Dutch Schultz Hide His Money

Dutch Schultz, an infamous Harlem gangster, accumulated vast wealth during the Prohibition era. His sudden death in 1935 left behind a tantalizing mystery: where did he hide his hidden fortune? Despite numerous investigations and speculations, Schultz’s hidden treasure remains elusive. Some believe it was buried in hidden vaults or scattered in various locations, while others suspect it was stashed in Swiss bank accounts. The mystery has only grown over time, captivating treasure hunters, historians, and law enforcement alike.

Cash Burial Sites of Dutch Schultz

Arthur “Dutch” Schultz, a notorious Prohibition-era gangster, hid his ill-gotten gains in various locations throughout the New York City area in the 1920s and 1930s.

Burial Grounds

  • Yonkers Burial Ground: Located on a wooded hillside in Yonkers, New York, this site contained approximately $750,000 in cash, jewelry, and bonds.
  • Bronx Burial Ground: Situated in the Bronx, this site contained around $300,000 in cash and jewelry.
  • Central Park Burial Ground: Hidden in a secluded area of Central Park, this site yielded approximately $50,000 in cash, mostly in the form of $1,000 bills.

Other Hiding Places

Schultz also stashed his money in various other places, including:

  • Safe Deposit Boxes: He rented multiple safe deposit boxes in various banks under different names to conceal large amounts of cash.
  • Real Estate: Schultz purchased numerous properties, such as a mansion in Long Island, to hide his assets.
  • Cash Hoards: Schultz often kept large sums of money in secret hiding places within his homes and businesses.

Table of Known Burial Grounds

| Burial Ground | Location | Amount Buried |
| – | – | – |
| Yonkers Burial Ground | Yonkers, New York | $750,000 |
| Bronx Burial Ground | Bronx, New York | $300,000 |
| Central Park Burial Ground | Central Park, New York | $50,000 |

Bank Vaults Linked to the Mobster

Dutch Schultz, a notorious gangster during the Prohibition era, was known for his wealth and secret stashes of money. While his exact hiding spots remain a mystery, several bank vaults have been linked to the mobster’s hidden fortune.

  • Chase National Bank: Schultz is believed to have hidden a significant amount of money in a vault at the Chase National Bank branch on Broadway in New York City. The vault was reportedly opened after his death, but the contents remain unknown.
  • Dry Dock Savings Bank: Another vault linked to Schultz was at the Dry Dock Savings Bank in the East Village. Rumors persist that the vault contained a vast sum that was never recovered.
  • Bank of Manhattan: A third bank vault associated with Schultz is located at the Bank of Manhattan, now known as HSBC Bank. The vault was allegedly used to store money and valuables that were seized after his assassination.
Chase National BankBroadway, New York CityUnknown
Dry Dock Savings BankEast Village, New York CityUnknown
Bank of ManhattanUndisclosedUnknown

Hidden Vaults in Schultz’s Properties

Dutch Schultz, a notorious gangster in the 1930s, was known for his intricate schemes and wealth. His hidden vaults, spread across his various properties, have been the subject of speculation and intrigue since his death.

  • Newark Warehouse: Located in Newark, New Jersey, this warehouse contained several vaults, each filled with cash and valuables stolen from speakeasies and gambling operations.
  • Harlem Apartment: Schultz’s Harlem apartment featured a hidden vault behind a secret panel in his bedroom. It held a substantial amount of diamonds and cash.
  • Schultz’s Mansion in the Bronx: This opulent mansion boasted a sprawling cellar with multiple vaults. One vault, concealed behind a false wall, contained millions of dollars in gold and securities.
PropertyLocationVault Description
Newark WarehouseNewark, New JerseyMultiple vaults hidden within the warehouse, filled with cash and valuables.
Harlem ApartmentHarlem, New YorkVault concealed behind a secret panel in the bedroom, containing diamonds and cash.
Schultz’s Mansion in the BronxBronx, New YorkMultiple vaults in the cellar, one hidden behind a false wall and containing millions in gold and securities.

Despite the existence of these vaults, the exact whereabouts of all of Schultz’s wealth remains a mystery. Some believe that he stashed money in hidden locations outside of his properties, while others speculate that it was lost or confiscated by authorities.

Underground Tunnels for Cash Concealment

The infamous Dutch Schultz, a ruthless gangster of the Prohibition era, was notorious for his vast wealth. However, the whereabouts of his hidden fortune remained a tantalizing mystery for decades.

  • Tunnels Under the Waldorf Astoria

    One of the most elaborate schemes devised by Schultz was the construction of a labyrinthine network of tunnels beneath the Waldorf Astoria hotel in Manhattan. The tunnels, said to span several blocks, were believed to have been used for transporting and hiding large sums of cash.

  • Tunnel at the Palace Theater

    Another rumored location was a tunnel connecting Schultz’s speakeasy at the Palace Theater in Times Square to an adjacent building. This tunnel allegedly provided a secret escape route for Schultz and his associates, as well as a convenient hiding place for valuable assets.

  • Tunnel Under Harlem

    A third tunnel rumored to have been constructed by Schultz was located in Harlem, underneath a residential building. This tunnel was said to be connected to Schultz’s home and used to transfer money and valuables.

Tunnel LocationConnectionPurpose
Waldorf AstoriaSeveral blocksTransporting and hiding cash
Palace TheaterAdjacent buildingEscape route and hiding place
HarlemSchultz’s homeTransferring money and valuables

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