What Was Uncle Toms Job on the Legree Plantation

Uncle Tom’s main role on Legree’s plantation was to be a skilled and experienced slave. He was entrusted with overseeing other slaves’ work on the plantation, ensuring they worked diligently and efficiently. As a trusted overseer, Legree relied on Uncle Tom to maintain order and discipline among the enslaved workforce. His ability to effectively manage and control the other slaves made him a valuable asset to Legree, who recognized the importance of having a reliable and capable overseer.

Overseer of Slave Labor

Uncle Tom’s job on the Legree plantation was as an overseer of slave labor. In this role, he was responsible for:

  • Supervising the slaves’ work
  • Ensuring that the slaves met their quotas
  • Punishing slaves who did not meet their quotas
  • Maintaining order on the plantation
  • Reporting to Legree on the slaves’ progress

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Uncle Tom’s Role on the Legree Plantation

In Harriet Beecher Stowe’s novel “Uncle Tom’s Cabin”, Tom, an enslaved African American man, is sold to the cruel and brutal plantation owner Simon Legree. Tom’s primary role on the plantation was multifaceted, involving both subservient and oppressive tasks.


  • Supervised and commanded other enslaved laborers
  • Enforced Legree’s harsh rules and punishments
  • Managed the day-to-day operations of the plantation


In addition to his taskmaster duties, Tom also acted as a symbol of Legree’s authority and power over his slaves.

Actions Purpose
Enforcing physical discipline Establish fear and maintain control
Threatening and intimidating slaves Prevent resistance or rebellion
Spying on other slaves Detect any plotting or disobedience

Through these roles, Tom played a pivotal role in maintaining Legree’s reign of terror on the plantation.

Uncle Tom’s Job on the Legree Plantation

In Harriet Beecher Stowe’s novel Uncle Tom’s Cabin, the titular character Uncle Tom is a slave on the Legree plantation. He is a skilled carpenter and is responsible for maintaining the buildings and other structures on the property. In addition to his carpentry skills, Uncle Tom is also a trusted confidant of Legree, the plantation’s ruthless owner.

House Servant

  • Maintain the buildings and other structures on the property, including repairs and renovations
  • Oversee the upkeep of the plantation grounds
  • Perform other tasks as assigned by Legree

Confidential Informant

  • Provide Legree with information about the activities and conversations of other slaves on the plantation
  • Report any suspected instances of rebellion or escape attempts
  • Serve as a buffer between Legree and the other slaves
Responsibility Description
House Servant Maintain the plantation’s buildings and grounds
Confidential Informant Provide Legree with information about other slaves

Uncle Tom’s dual role as house servant and confidential informant gives him a unique perspective on life on the Legree plantation. He is able to observe the brutality and injustice of the slave system from both the inside and the outside. As a result, he is able to provide a nuanced and powerful critique of slavery in America.

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