How Did Eddie Irvine Make His Money

Eddie Irvine’s wealth stems from his successful career as a Formula One racing driver. He raced for renowned teams such as Jordan, Ferrari, and Jaguar, earning significant prize money and endorsement deals. Irvine’s financial acumen was also evident in his shrewd investments in real estate, including luxury hotels and residential properties. Additionally, he established a successful hospitality business, further contributing to his net worth. Irvine’s ability to secure lucrative sponsorship contracts and his keen eye for investment opportunities allowed him to amass a substantial fortune.

Eddie Irvine’s Racing Career

Eddie Irvine’s racing career spanned over two decades, during which he achieved considerable success and amassed a significant fortune.

Here’s a detailed look at his racing career and how he made his money:

Early Career

  • Started racing in Formula Ford in 1983
  • Progressed through Formula Three and Formula 3000
  • Won the British Formula 3 Championship in 1988
  • Finished second in the International Formula 3000 Championship in 1990

Formula One Career

  • Made his Formula One debut with Jordan in 1993
  • Joined Ferrari in 1996 as Michael Schumacher’s teammate
  • Finished second in the drivers’ championship in 1999
  • Retired from Formula One in 2002


Eddie Irvine earned a substantial amount of money during his racing career. Here’s a breakdown of his earnings:

1993$1 million$100,000$200,000$1.3 million
1994$1.5 million$200,000$300,000$2 million
1995$2 million$300,000$400,000$2.7 million
1996$3 million$500,000$600,000$4.1 million
1997$4 million$1 million$700,000$5.7 million
1998$5 million$1.5 million$800,000$7.3 million
1999$6 million$2 million$900,000$8.9 million
2000$7 million$1 million$1 million$9 million
2001$8 million$500,000$1.1 million$9.6 million
2002$9 million$500,000$1.2 million$10.7 million

In addition to his race winnings and salaries, Eddie Irvine also earned a significant income from endorsements and sponsorships. He had partnerships with brands such as Puma, Rolex, and Sega.

Eddie Irvine retired from racing in 2002 with an estimated net worth of over $50 million.


Eddie Irvine’s investments have been a significant source of his wealth. He has invested in areas such as property, technology, and retail. Some of his notable investments include:

  • Property: Irvine has invested heavily in property, both in the UK and overseas. He owns a number of commercial and residential properties, which generate rental income and capital appreciation.
  • Technology: Irvine is an investor in a number of technology companies, including social media, e-commerce, and software development. He has a keen interest in the potential of new technologies and believes they can generate significant long-term returns.
  • Retail: Irvine has invested in a number of retail businesses, including fashion, food and beverage, and homeware. He is particularly interested in businesses with strong brands and a loyal customer base.


In addition to his investments, Irvine has also been involved in a number of businesses. He has founded or co-founded several companies, including a property development company, a technology investment firm, and a retail chain.

Irvine & PartnersProperty development1998
ByteSpeed VenturesTechnology investment2005
Evoke RetailRetail2010

Irvine’s business ventures have been successful, generating significant profits. He has a keen eye for spotting business opportunities and has a proven track record of building successful companies.

Eddie Irvine’s Fortune:

Eddie Irvine, the former Formula One driver, has amassed a significant fortune during his racing career and subsequent ventures. His income streams include:

Sponsorships and Endorsements:

  • Formula One Racing: Irvine secured lucrative sponsorship deals with teams such as Jordan, Ferrari, and Jaguar during his F1 career.
  • Commercial Endorsements: He partnered with brands like Puma, Rolex, and TAG Heuer for product endorsements and promotional campaigns.

Media and Appearances

Eddie Irvine has made a substantial amount of money through media and appearances.



Irvine has worked as a commentator for the BBC, ITV, and Sky Sports, providing analysis and insights on Formula One races.


He has also written a bestselling autobiography titled “My Story.”



Irvine has attended various events and functions as a guest speaker or celebrity guest, charging fees for his appearances.


He has also modeled for advertising campaigns and endorsed products.

Earnings from Media and Appearances

The exact amount of Irvine’s earnings from media and appearances is not publicly available. However, it is estimated that he has earned millions of dollars from these activities.
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