Does the Head of Security Die in Money Heist


The Fate of Santiago Lopez

Santiago Lopez, the head of security at the Federal Reserve, is a complex and enigmatic character in the Netflix series Money Heist. Initially introduced as a ruthless and loyal subordinate to the enigmatic mastermind, The Professor, Lopez’s motivations and allegiances become increasingly murky as the series progresses.

Lopez’s Role in the Heist

  • Head of security at the Federal Reserve
  • Responsible for overseeing the security of the gold reserves
  • Loyal to The Professor, initially

Lopez’s Betrayal

  • In Season 3, Lopez betrays The Professor and the heist team
  • Revealed to be working for the police all along
  • Provides valuable information that helps the police track down the team

Lopez’s Death

  • In Season 4, Lopez is killed by Palermo, a member of the heist team
  • Palermo suspects Lopez of planning to betray the team again
  • Lopez’s death is a major turning point in the heist
Santiago LopezKilled by Palermo

The Fate of the Head of Security in Money Heist

In the popular Netflix series Money Heist, the Head of Security is a crucial character who plays a significant role in the plot. Viewers may wonder whether this character survives the events of the show.

The Role of Raquel Murillo

  • Raquel Murillo is the Head of Security at the National Currency and Stamp Factory, where the heist takes place.
  • She is a highly skilled and experienced police officer.
  • Raquel initially leads the investigation into the heist, but later becomes romantically involved with the mastermind, known as The Professor.

Fate of the Head of Security

In the first season of Money Heist, Raquel’s life is put in danger when she is taken hostage by the robbers. However, she is eventually rescued by her colleagues.

In the second season, Raquel resigns from her position as Head of Security and joins The Professor’s team. She continues to play a vital role in the heist, using her knowledge of law enforcement procedures to help the robbers evade capture.

In the third season, Raquel is captured by her former colleagues and interrogated. She is forced to reveal the identity of The Professor, which leads to his arrest. However, he is later released and the heist continues.

In the fourth and fifth seasons, Raquel remains a key member of The Professor’s team. She helps them plan and execute a second heist, which targets the Bank of Spain.

Ultimately, Raquel’s fate remains uncertain at the end of the series. She is seen escaping with The Professor, but their whereabouts are unknown.

Raquel Murillo’s Role and Fate
1Head of SecurityTaken hostage, but rescued
2Member of The Professor’s teamAlive
3Captured and interrogatedReveals The Professor’s identity
4-5Member of The Professor’s teamEscapes with The Professor (fate unknown)


The Head of Security’s Fate in Money Heist

In the second season of the hit Netflix series Money Heist, the stakes were raised as the robbers planned a daring escape from the Royal Mint of Spain. Amidst the chaos, the head of security, Arturo Román, found himself in the firing line.

Arturo’s Role in the Heist

  • Arturo was initially a hostage during the heist.
  • He attempted to negotiate with the robbers but was unsuccessful.
  • He became a source of conflict and tension within the group.

His Ensuing Demise

As the heist reached its climax, Arturo’s actions proved to be his undoing. He tried to escape and was shot by Denver, one of the robbers. Despite attempts to save him, Arturo’s injuries were too severe, and he succumbed to his wounds.

Death Count in Money Heist’s Second Season

Arturo RománDied

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