Why Was Lencho Surprised on Seeing the Money

Lencho was surprised at the money because the amount was much less than he had requested. He had asked for 100 pesos to replace his crops, but received only 70 pesos. The remittance also included a letter from the sender, explaining that the post office and telegraph employees had taken the remaining 30 pesos to cover the cost of sending the money. Lencho was amazed by this act of charity and kindness, despite the shortage in the amount he had requested.

Lencho’s Expected Amount

Lencho, a simple farmer, trusted God implicitly and believed that God would never ignore his pleas. When his crops were destroyed by a hailstorm, he wrote a letter to God, seeking financial assistance to replant his fields and feed his family.

Lencho’s Expectation

  • Lencho hoped to receive the full amount he had requested in his letter.
  • He had asked for 100 pesos.
  • Lencho relied on this money to rebuild his livelihood and provide for his family.

Surprised by the Actual Amount

To Lencho’s surprise, he received less money than he had expected. When he opened the envelope, he discovered only 70 pesos.

Expected AmountActual Amount
100 pesos70 pesos

Lencho was puzzled and disappointed. He had expected the exact amount he had requested, but the money he received fell short of his expectations.

Discrepancy in Received Amount

When Lencho received the letter containing the money, he was astonished to find that he had only received 70 pesos instead of the 100 pesos he had asked for. This discrepancy puzzled and disappointed Lencho, leading him to question the honesty of the person who had sent him the money.

Lencho had written in his letter that he needed 100 pesos to replace his crops that had been destroyed by a hailstorm. He was hoping that God would answer his prayers and send him the money he desperately needed. However, when he received only 70 pesos, he was left confused and disheartened.

There are several possible reasons why Lencho received less money than he requested:

  • Error: It is possible that there was an error in the amount sent. The person who sent the money may have accidentally written 70 pesos instead of 100 pesos.
  • Deductions: The post office may have deducted some of the money for handling and processing fees. It is common for postal services to charge a small fee for money orders or other money transfer services.
  • Theft: It is also possible that someone may have stolen some of the money before it reached Lencho. This is less likely, but it is still a possibility that cannot be ruled out.
Amount RequestedAmount ReceivedDiscrepancy
100 pesos70 pesos30 pesos

Regardless of the reason, the discrepancy in the amount received left Lencho feeling disappointed and frustrated. He had hoped to receive the full amount he had requested, but instead, he was left with only 70 pesos, which was not enough to cover all of his expenses.

Lack of Divine Intervention

Lencho was surprised on seeing the money because he had expected divine intervention from God. He had written to God, asking for financial assistance due to the loss of his crops in a hailstorm. However, the money he received came from a human sender, not from the celestial being he had addressed.

  • Lencho’s faith in God was based on his belief that God would respond directly to his prayers.
  • When he received the money from the unknown sender, he was confused and questioned why God had not sent it directly.
  • This confusion highlights the difference between Lencho’s expectations of divine intervention and the reality of human compassion.

Lencho’s letter to God revealed his limited understanding of the role of faith and the nature of divine assistance. His expectation of direct and personal intervention from God suggests a simplistic view of God’s involvement in human affairs.

Lencho’s ExpectationsReality
Direct communication with GodCommunication with a human sender
Instant and miraculous fulfillment of prayersAssistance provided through human compassion
God as a personal entity that responds to individual requestsGod as a benevolent force that works through various channels

Lencho’s surprise serves as a reminder that our perceptions of faith and divine intervention can be shaped by our personal beliefs and experiences. The story encourages us to reflect on the nature of faith and the interconnectedness of human actions in providing support and assistance.

Doubt and Confusion

Lencho was amazed and confused when he received the money order for seventy pesos. He had written to God for a hundred pesos, but he received less than he had asked for. At first, he was delighted to have received any money, but then he began to have doubts.

  • He wondered if the post office had made a mistake.
  • He also thought that perhaps God had not received his letter.
  • Or maybe God had meant to send him the full amount but had run out of money.

Lencho was confused and uncertain about what to do. He wanted to believe that God had answered his prayer, but he couldn’t understand why he had received less than he had asked for. He decided to write another letter to God, asking for an explanation.

What Lencho ExpectedWhat Lencho Received
100 pesos70 pesos

Well, there you have it folks. Lencho’s faith in God and his determination to stand up for himself ended up paying off, even if it wasn’t in the way he expected. It’s a heartwarming story that shows us that sometimes, even when life throws us curveballs, it’s worth it to keep believing.

Thanks for reading, and I hope you’ll come back again soon for more stories like this one. Until next time!