Who Does the Commentary for Mend It for Money

The person who provides the commentary for the television show “Mend It for Money” is known as the narrator. The narrator’s voice is used to guide viewers through the show’s content, providing background information, explaining the repair process, and highlighting the challenges and successes of the restorers featured on the program. The narrator’s role is crucial as they help viewers understand the techniques and strategies used by the restorers, making the show both informative and entertaining.

Meredith Vieira as the Host

Mend It for Money was a reality television series that aired on TLC from 2007 to 2009. The show featured people who were struggling to make ends meet and were looking for a way to earn extra money. The contestants would compete in challenges that involved fixing up and selling items for a profit. The winner of each challenge would receive a cash prize.

Meredith Vieira was the host of Mend It for Money. She is an American television personality, journalist, and game show host. Vieira is best known for her work on the NBC morning show Today, which she co-hosted from 1999 to 2011.

Vieira’s role on Mend It for Money was to introduce the contestants and the challenges, and to provide commentary on the contestants’ progress. She also provided encouragement and support to the contestants, and helped them to stay motivated.

Vieira was a great choice to host Mend It for Money because she is a relatable and likeable personality. She is also a talented interviewer, and she was able to get the contestants to open up about their struggles and their goals. Vieira’s presence on the show helped to make Mend It for Money a success.

Rod Stagner: The Technician

Mend It for Money is a home improvement show that follows a team of expert technicians as they repair and restore various items, often for clients with sentimental or financial attachments to the items. The show’s commentary is provided by Rod Stagner, a skilled craftsman with a wealth of experience in home improvement and restoration.

  • Rod Stagner’s expertise in home improvement and restoration, including carpentry, plumbing, and electrical work, enables him to provide clear and insightful commentary on the repairs and renovations featured in the show.
  • He is also able to explain complex technical concepts in a way that is easy for viewers to understand, making the show both educational and entertaining.
Rod StagnerTechnician and Commentator

Meet the Experts Behind Mend It for Money Commentary

Mend It for Money, a popular home renovation show, captivates viewers with its expert commentary and practical solutions for home improvement projects. Behind the scenes, a team of skilled professionals provides their insights and guidance, making the show both informative and entertaining.

Mary DeAngelis: The Visionary Interior Designer

  • Mary DeAngelis is the show’s interior designer, bringing her expertise to transform ordinary spaces into beautiful and functional living areas.
  • With over 20 years of experience, she has a knack for combining style and practicality, creating designs that meet the unique needs of homeowners.
  • Mary’s attention to detail and ability to envision the potential of a space is showcased in each episode, inspiring viewers to tackle their own home renovation projects.

Commentary and Expertise

The Mend It for Money commentary team provides valuable insights and advice throughout the show, helping viewers understand the renovation process and make informed decisions about their own homes.

HostSusannah Harker
Interior DesignerMary DeAngelis
ContractorBen Mancuso
LandscaperChris Lambton

Carter Oosterhouse as the Contractor

Carter Oosterhouse is the contractor who stars in the HGTV show, “Mend It for Money.” Oosterhouse is a licensed contractor and home improvement expert who has been featured in numerous home improvement shows and publications. He is known for his approachable style and his ability to make complex home improvement projects seem easy.

  • Oosterhouse has a team of skilled contractors who help him with the projects featured on “Mend It for Money.”
  • The show follows Oosterhouse and his team as they travel across the country, helping homeowners repair and renovate their homes.
  • “Mend It for Money” is a popular show that has helped many homeowners improve their homes.
Carter OosterhouseContractor
Team of skilled contractorsAssist Oosterhouse with projects

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