Who Does Money Box on Radio 4

Who Does Money Box? is a long-running BBC Radio 4 series that explores the world of money and personal finance. Each week, the program brings together a panel of experts, including economists, journalists, and analysts, to discuss the latest financial news and trends. The show also features interviews with individuals who have faced financial challenges or made significant financial achievements. By breaking down complex financial concepts into clear and accessible language, Who Does Money Box? aims to inform and empower listeners to make informed decisions about their money.

Show Format

The show follows a consistent format each week, providing listeners with a structured and informative experience.

  • News Round-up: The show begins with a brief overview of the week’s financial news, covering the latest developments and market trends.
  • Interviews with Experts: Money Box features interviews with leading economists, financial analysts, and business leaders, who provide insights and analysis on current financial issues.
  • Case Studies and Discussions: The show explores real-life financial situations and case studies, engaging listeners with relatable stories and practical advice.
  • Q&A with Listeners: Listeners are encouraged to submit questions via email or social media, which the show’s experts answer live on air, offering personalized financial guidance.
  • Money Box Minute: The show concludes with a brief summary of the key financial takeaways from the episode.


Money Box covers a wide range of financial topics, catering to listeners from all backgrounds and interests.

Personal FinanceSaving and investing, budgeting, mortgages, pensions
Business and EconomicsMacroeconomic trends, company performance, financial markets
Financial Scams and FraudInvestment scams, phishing attacks, identity theft
Financial PlanningRetirement planning, tax optimization, estate planning
Technology and FinanceFintech, cryptocurrency, digital currencies

Historical Broadcasters

The first presenter of Money Box was George Gale, who hosted the program from its inception in 1960 until 1988. Gale was known for his distinctive voice and his ability to explain complex economic issues in a clear and concise manner.

  • George Gale (1960-1988)
  • Paul Johnson (1988-1995)
  • Evan Davis (1995-2000)
  • Peter Day (2000-2010)

Current Broadcasters

Since 2010, Money Box has been presented by a team of four rotating presenters:

  1. Paul Lewis
  2. Claer Barrett
  3. Louise Cooper
  4. Joe Lynam
PresenterYears Active
Paul Lewis2010-Present
Claer Barrett2010-Present
Louise Cooper2015-Present
Joe Lynam2018-Present

Who Does Money Box on Radio 4?

The BBC’s Money Box program on Radio 4 is a popular program that discusses personal finance and consumer issues. It is one of the most listened-to programs on Radio 4, with an average audience of over 1.5 million listeners.

Audience Demographics

The audience for Money Box is primarily made up of:

  • People over the age of 55
  • People with higher incomes
  • People with higher levels of education

The program is particularly popular with people who are interested in saving for retirement, investing, and managing their finances.

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Audience Demographics for Money Box on Radio 4