What Was Louie’s Job on the Plane in Unbroken

In the harrowing ordeal depicted in “Unbroken,” Louie Zamperini found himself thrust into the role of bombardier aboard an American B-24 Liberator plane. As a bombardier, Louie’s primary duty was to operate the complex Norden bombsight, a sophisticated device that calculated the exact trajectory of bombs dropped from the aircraft. He meticulously aligned the sight with the target, ensuring the precise delivery of deadly payloads onto enemy positions. This dangerous and demanding task required unwavering concentration, steady hands, and the ability to withstand the intense pressures of combat.
## Louie Zamperini’s Role in the Bombing Raids

Louie Zamperini, an American war hero, served as a **bombardier** on the B-24 Liberator bombers during World War II. His primary responsibilities included:

– **Calculating Coordinates:** Using maps, compasses, and other navigational tools, Louie determined the plane’s position and target coordinates.
– **Operating the Bombsight:** He used the bombsight to calculate the exact altitude and speed at which the bombs should be dropped to hit the target accurately.
– **Releasing the Bombs:** At the appropriate moment, Louie pressed a button or pulled a lever to release the bombs from the bomb bay.
– **Assessing Damage:** After the bombing raid, Louie would observe the target area and report on the damage caused.

**Louie’s Skills and Abilities:**

– Skilled in mathematics and geometry for precise calculations.
– Excellent eyesight and depth perception for operating the bombsight.
– Quick decision-making and accuracy under pressure.
– Knowledge of aerial navigation and bombing procedures.

**Louie’s Contributions to the Bombing Campaign:**

– Participated in over 50 bombing raids over Japanese targets.
– Accounted for numerous successful bombing missions.
– Contributed to the weakening of Japan’s military and infrastructure.
– Earned several distinguished medals and awards for his service.

Prisoner of War

Louis Zamperini was an American Olympic runner who became a prisoner of war (POW) during World War II. He was captured by the Japanese in 1943 and held for nearly three years.

Radio Operator

While a POW, Zamperini was forced to work as a radio operator for the Japanese. He used his skills to send covert messages to the Allies, helping to save lives.

Job TitleDescription
Prisoner of WarCaptured and held by the Japanese
Radio OperatorForced to send messages for the Japanese

Louie’s Job on the Plane in Unbroken

In the movie Unbroken, Louie Zamperini served as both a camera gunner and a tailgunner on a B-24 Liberator bomber during World War II.

Camera Gunner

  • Operated a camera mounted on the plane to record enemy aircraft and ground targets
  • Provided visual information to the pilot and crew
  • Could also fire a machine gun for self-defense


  • Manned a machine gun mounted at the rear of the plane
  • Protected the plane from enemy aircraft attacking from behind
  • Had a limited field of view and relied on other crew members for information
Camera Gunner– Operate camera to record enemy activity
– Provide visual information to crew
– Fire machine gun for self-defense
Tailgunner– Man machine gun at rear of plane
– Protect plane from enemy attack from behind
– Limited field of view

Louie’s Job on the Plane in Unbroken

Louie Zamperini was a bombardier on the B-24 Liberator named “Super Man” during World War II. As a bombardier, Louie’s primary responsibility was to operate the Norden bombsight, a sophisticated aiming device used to drop bombs with precision. He was also responsible for navigating the aircraft during bombing runs.

Louie’s job required him to be highly skilled and accurate. He had to be able to calculate the trajectory of bombs, taking into account factors such as wind speed and altitude. He also had to be able to make quick decisions in the heat of battle, as enemy aircraft often attacked during bombing runs.

Louie’s Survival and Resilience

Louie’s time as a bombardier on the “Super Man” was marked by both tragedy and triumph. In May 1943, his plane was shot down over the Pacific Ocean. Louie and two other crew members survived the initial crash, but they were stranded on a life raft for 47 days.

During this time, Louie and the other survivors faced numerous challenges, including starvation, dehydration, and shark attacks. Louie’s resilience and determination helped him to survive these challenges and eventually to be rescued.

  • Rescued by the Japanese after 47 days on a life raft
  • Suffered through years of imprisonment and torture in Japanese POW camps
  • Returned to the United States a war hero and became an inspiration to others
ChallengeHow Louie Overcame It
StarvationAte raw fish and birds, and drank rainwater
DehydrationCollected rainwater in a canvas bag
Shark attacksFought off sharks with a knife
Imprisonment and tortureMaintained hope and faith, and relied on his fellow POWs for support

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