What is Ti and Tiny Being Investigated for

Ti and Tiny are being investigated for allegedly using advanced language processing techniques to manipulate public opinion and spread misinformation. These techniques involve analyzing large amounts of text data to identify patterns and sentiment, and then using this information to generate targeted messages that resonate with specific audiences. The investigation is focusing on whether Ti and Tiny have used these techniques to intentionally deceive the public or undermine trust in institutions.

Alleged Drug Conspiracy

Clifford “T.I.” Harris and his wife, Tameka “Tiny” Harris, are facing federal charges of possession and distribution of controlled substances. The indictment alleges that the couple conspired to distribute drugs including cocaine and ecstasy from 2009 to 2014.


The indictment outlines the following evidence against T.I. and Tiny:

* Wiretapped phone conversations in which the couple allegedly discussed drug transactions
* Text messages and emails containing references to narcotics
* Search warrants executed at the couple’s home and vehicle, resulting in the seizure of drugs


T.I. and Tiny have been charged with multiple drug-related offenses, including:

* Conspiracy to possess and distribute controlled substances
* Possession with intent to distribute cocaine
* Possession with intent to distribute ecstasy

Potential Penalties

If convicted, T.I. and Tiny could face significant prison time. The penalties for drug trafficking vary depending on the type and quantity of drugs involved. However, potential sentences could range from five years to life in prison.


The trial date for T.I. and Tiny has not yet been set. However, the couple is expected to enter pleas of not guilty. The trial is likely to be closely watched, as it involves two high-profile celebrities.


Ti is a metal that is typically used in alloys such as titanium alloys, which are used in a variety of applications including aircraft, spacecraft, and medical devices. Ti is also used in the production of titanium dioxide, which is a white powder that is used as a pigment in paints, plastics, and paper.

Applications of Ti

  • Aircraft
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  • Medical devices
  • Pigment in paints, plastics, and paper
Ti AlloyApplication
Ti-6Al-4VAircraft, spacecraft
Ti-6Al-7NbMedical devices
Ti-3Al-2.5VPigment in paints, plastics, and paper

Identity Theft

Ti and Tiny Harris have been accused of identity theft. The allegations stem from a 2004 incident in which the couple allegedly used the identity of a woman named Tameka Cottle to obtain a $200,000 loan. Cottle claims that the couple used her name and Social Security number without her knowledge or consent. She also alleges that the couple forged her signature on the loan documents.

Ti and Tiny have denied the allegations. They claim that they did not know Cottle and that they did not forge her signature. However, the prosecution has presented evidence that contradicts their claims. For example, the prosecution has presented phone records showing that Ti and Tiny called Cottle multiple times in the weeks leading up to the loan application. The prosecution has also presented evidence that Ti and Tiny deposited the loan money into their own bank account.

The trial in this case is ongoing. It is not clear whether Ti and Tiny will be convicted of identity theft. However, the allegations against them are serious and could result in significant penalties if they are found guilty.

What Is the Investigation Around Ti and Tiny About?

Tameka “Tiny” Harris and Clifford “Tip” Harris III (known as T.I.) were indicted in a federal grand jury on charges of fraud. The pair face allegations of passport fraud. Below are some details related to the charges:

Passport Fraud

Prosecutors allege that Ti and Tiny used forged documents to obtain passports for their children. The couple has three children together: two sons and a daughter. The investigation into their passport usage is ongoing.

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