Is the Rdr2 Money Glitch Patched

The Red Dead Redemption 2 (RDR2) money glitch allowed players to duplicate gold bars and sell them for a profit, gaining infinite in-game currency. This glitch was highly sought-after by players looking to quickly accumulate wealth, but it was also considered an exploit that could potentially disrupt the game’s economy. The developers of RDR2 have since addressed this issue with a patch, which effectively prevents players from utilizing the glitch to gain an unfair advantage. As a result, any attempts to duplicate gold bars will now fail, ensuring a more balanced and fair gaming experience for all players.

Patch Notes Analysis

The recent patch for Red Dead Redemption 2 (RDR2) has sparked speculation about whether or not the infamous money glitch has been patched. While the patch notes do not explicitly mention the glitch, they do include several changes that could potentially impact its functionality.

Firstly, the patch notes state that “various exploits have been fixed.” This could include the money glitch, as it relies on an exploit in the game’s code. However, it is also possible that other exploits were fixed instead.

Secondly, the patch notes mention changes to the game’s economy. These changes could make it more difficult to exploit the glitch, as they may affect the rate at which players can earn money. For example, if the patch makes it more difficult to sell stolen goods, it could reduce the amount of money players can make from the glitch.

  • Various exploits have been fixed.
  • Changes to the game’s economy.
Patch NotePotential Impact on Money Glitch
Various exploits have been fixed.Could include the money glitch.
Changes to the game’s economy.Could make it more difficult to exploit the glitch.

Overall, it is difficult to determine with certainty whether or not the RDR2 money glitch has been patched. The patch notes do not provide a definitive answer, and it is possible that the glitch may still be functional. However, the changes made in the patch could potentially make it more difficult to exploit the glitch.

Post-Update Player Observations

Following the recent update, players have reported mixed experiences regarding the functionality of the RDR2 money glitch. Some observations include:

  • Glitch Still Working: Some players have claimed that the glitch continues to work as intended, allowing them to duplicate items and generate unlimited money.
  • Partial Fix: Others have reported that the glitch only works in certain game modes or under specific conditions, such as using a particular item or location.
  • Full Fix: A significant number of players have experienced the glitch being completely patched and no longer working.

It is worth noting that Rockstar Games has not officially confirmed whether the glitch has been fully patched or not. The game developer may release further updates to address any remaining exploits.

Player ExperienceGlitch Status
1Still Working
2Partial Fix
3Full Fix

Red Dead Online Community Forums

Rockstar Games has confirmed that the Red Dead Online money glitch has been patched. The glitch allowed players to duplicate items and generate unlimited amounts of money. According to Rockstar, the glitch was affecting the game’s economy and was being used to gain an unfair advantage. Rockstar is releasing regular updates to address any outstanding glitches. Players are encouraged to update their games to the latest version to avoid any issues.


  • Rockstar Support
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    Rockstar Games Support Updates

    Rockstar Games has recently released updates regarding the Red Dead Redemption 2 (RDR2) money glitch. The exploit, which allowed players to duplicate specific items and sell them for unlimited money, has been addressed in the latest patch.

      Affected Items

    The money glitch reportedly affected the following items:

    • Gold Bars
    • Rare Collectibles

      Patch Details

    The patch released by Rockstar Games has implemented several measures to prevent the exploitation of the money glitch, including:

    • Fixing the duplication exploit
    • Adjusting the prices and rewards of items involved in the glitch
    • Implementing additional anti-cheat measures

      Impact on Players

    The patch may have the following impact on players:

    • Players who have abused the glitch may face penalties, such as account suspension or in-game currency removal.
    • Legitimate players who have obtained gold bars or rare collectibles through legitimate means may not be affected by the patch.


    Rockstar Games has taken steps to address the RDR2 money glitch through a patch update. Players are advised to avoid exploiting any glitches or cheats as they can lead to penalties and disrupt the gameplay experience for others.

    Well, there you have it, folks! Whether or not the Rdr2 Money Glitch is patched remains a debated topic in the gaming community. As it stands, there seems to be conflicting information regarding its effectiveness. If you’re still eager to explore this possibility further, continue to monitor online forums and consult reputable sources for updates. Meanwhile, feel free to browse our website for other intriguing gaming-related content. Thanks for stopping by, and be sure to visit us again soon for the latest news and discussions in the gaming world!