How Many Red Cards Does Arturo Vidal Have in His Career

Throughout his career, Arturo Vidal has been known for his aggressive and intense playing style, which has sometimes led to disciplinary issues. He has received numerous red cards, primarily due to reckless tackles and confrontations with opponents. These red cards have resulted in suspensions and missed matches, impacting his teams’ performance and his own individual record. Despite his history of red cards, Vidal remains a valuable asset to his teams, providing energy, drive, and creativity in the midfield. However, his tendency to accumulate red cards is an area where he has faced criticism and sought to improve his discipline.

Disciplinary History of Arturo Vidal

Arturo Vidal, the Chilean midfielder, has a well-documented disciplinary record throughout his career. He has received numerous red cards and suspensions for various offenses, including reckless tackles and altercations on and off the pitch.

Vidal’s disciplinary issues began early in his career with Colo-Colo in Chile. He was sent off three times in his first two seasons with the club.

His disciplinary record continued to follow him to Europe, where he has played for Juventus, Bayern Munich, Barcelona, and Inter Milan. At Juventus, he received a six-match ban for spitting at an opponent, and at Bayern Munich, he was suspended for two matches for a reckless tackle.

Here is a summary of Arturo Vidal’s red cards in his career:

  • Colo-Colo: 3
  • Juventus: 4
  • Bayern Munich: 2
  • Barcelona: 1
  • Inter Milan: 2
  • Chile national team: 1

In total, Arturo Vidal has received 13 red cards in his career.

ClubRed Cards
Bayern Munich2
Inter Milan2
Chile national team1

Red Cards by Tournament

Arturo Vidal has seen a total of 20 red cards throughout his career. These have been mostly at club level with Bayern Munich, Juventus, and Barcelona.

  • Club: 16
  • National team: 4

Here is a breakdown of his red cards by tournament:

TournamentRed Cards
Serie A6
La Liga2
Champions League2
Copa América2
World Cup Qualifiers2

## How Many Red Cards Does Arturo Vidal Have in His Career?

### Red Cards for Club and Country

Throughout his illustrious career, Arturo Vidal has amassed a significant number of red cards for both club and country. Here’s a breakdown of his disciplinary record:

### Club

| Club | Red Cards |
| Colo-Colo | 1 |
| Bayer 04 | 4 |
| Juventus | 2 |
| Bayern Munich | 4 |
| Barcelona | 2 |
| Inter Milan | 3 |

**Total Club Red Cards: 16**

### Country

| National Team | Red Cards |
| Chile | 4 |

**Total Country Red Cards: 4**

### Overall Total

Combining his club and country red cards, **Vidal has received a total of 20 red cards** throughout his career. This number is a testament to his aggressive and physical style of play, which has often led to confrontations with opponents and subsequent punishments from referees. Despite his disciplinary issues, Vidal remains one of the most respected and successful midfielders in world football.

Comparison with Other Midfielders

Arturo Vidal is known for his aggressive playing style, which has earned him a reputation as one of the most carded players in world football. However, it is important to note that Vidal’s red card record is not significantly worse than that of other top midfielders.

For example, Sergio Busquets, who is widely regarded as one of the best defensive midfielders in the world, has been sent off 11 times in his career. Xabi Alonso, another legendary midfielder, has been sent off 10 times. Steven Gerrard, who was known for his fiery temper, was sent off 8 times in his career.

The following table shows the number of red cards received by some of the most famous midfielders in the world:

PlayerRed Cards
Arturo Vidal10
Sergio Busquets11
Xabi Alonso10
Steven Gerrard8
Frank Lampard6
Paul Scholes4

As can be seen from the table, Vidal’s red card record is comparable to that of other top midfielders. While he is certainly a player who is not afraid to get stuck in, he is not significantly more reckless than other players in his position.

Alright, folks, that’s all we have on Arturo Vidal’s red card collection. I hope you enjoyed this dive into the disciplinary side of his illustrious career. Remember, red cards are a part of the game, even for the best players. Thanks for joining me on this wild ride. If you’re curious about other football-related topics or need a good laugh, be sure to stop by again. Cheers!