How Do You Get Your Last Job in Bravely Default

To unlock your Final Job in Bravely Default, a challenging series of tasks must be completed. First, you’ll need to find and defeat the four optional bosses known as the Asterisk Bearers. Each boss grants a powerful Asterisk, which can be used to unlock a new job. Once you’ve obtained all four Asterisks, return to Norende Village and speak to the Oracle Agnes. She will guide you to the Great Chasm, where you must face a formidable boss. Upon defeating this boss, you will be rewarded with the Starseer job, your final and most powerful job in Bravely Default.

Job System Overview

The Bravely Default job system allows you to customize your characters with a wide range of abilities and playstyles. Each job has its own set of skills, equipment, and stat bonuses. You can change jobs at any time outside of battle, allowing you to adapt your party to the challenges ahead.

To unlock a job, you must first find its asterisk. Asterisks are typically obtained by defeating bosses or completing side quests. Once you have an asterisk, you can equip it to a character to unlock the corresponding job.

Job Levels

Each job has 12 levels. As you level up a job, you will learn new skills and abilities. You can also increase your stats by equipping job-specific gear.

  • Level 1-5: Learn basic skills and abilities.
  • Level 6-10: Learn more advanced skills and abilities.
  • Level 11-12: Learn the job’s ultimate ability.

Job Mastery

Once you reach level 12 in a job, you will master it. This will give you a permanent stat bonus and access to the job’s special ability. Special abilities are powerful techniques that can be used once per battle.

Job Combinations

You can combine two jobs to create a custom job. Custom jobs inherit skills and abilities from both parent jobs. You can experiment with different job combinations to find the perfect setup for your party.

Parent Job 1Parent Job 2Custom Job
FreelancerWhite MageSpiritmaster
KnightBlack MageDark Knight

In-Game Mechanics for Job Acquisition

Each chapter of Bravely Default awards a new job to progress the story. Once this story-related job is acquired, the player can find additional jobs in the following ways:

Found in the Field

  • Inaccessible locations, either blocked by obstacles or enemies, may house a job
  • Chest hidden within corners of the map may contain jobs
  • Examining a tombstone on the world map may unlock a job, requiring the player to return at a certain time with an empty job slot

Purchasable from NPCs

  • Jobs can be purchased for a set amount of money, typically in towns
  • Some jobs can only be acquired at a specific point in the story

Completing Side Quests

  • Jobs can be rewarded for completing optional side quests
  • These quests often require collecting items or defeating specific enemies

Acquired through Events

  • Certain jobs can be obtained by triggering specific events in the game, such as winning a battle or gathering all of a particular item
  • These events are usually well-documented in the game’s guide

Table of Available Jobs

JobLocation/Acquisition Method
FreelancerInitial job
MonkChapter 1, story progression
White MageChapter 2, story progression
Black MageFound in a dungeon in Chapter 3
Red MagePurchased from an NPC in Chapter 4
ThiefCompleted side quest in Chapter 5
ValkyrieTriggered by an event in Chapter 6
RangerPurchased from an NPC in Chapter 7
SummonerFound in a chest in Chapter 8
SpiritmasterCompleted side quest in Chapter 9
ArcanistFound in a tombstone in Chapter 10

Utilizing Abilities and Mastery Points

In Bravely Default, abilities are key to unlocking new jobs. Each character can equip up to five abilities at a time, and each ability unlocks different job classes. To get your last job, you’ll need to acquire all of the abilities that are required to unlock it.

Mastery points are another important factor in job acquisition. You earn mastery points by using abilities in battle, and you can spend them to increase the level of your abilities. The higher the level of an ability, the more powerful it becomes. Some abilities also unlock new effects at higher levels, which can make them even more valuable.

Earning Mastery Points

  • Use abilities in battle to generate mastery points.
  • The more times you use an ability, the more mastery points you will earn.
  • You can also earn mastery points by defeating enemies.

    Spending Mastery Points

    • Go to the “Abilities” menu.
    • Select the ability that you want to level up.
    • Press the “Level Up” button.
    • Use mastery points to increase the level of the ability.

      Unlocking New Jobs

      JobRequired Abilities
      FreelancerFreelancer, Thief, Monk, White Mage, Black Mage
      SwordmasterFreelancer, Valkyrie, Knight, Thief
      MagicianFreelancer, Red Mage, Black Mage, White Mage
      VampireFreelancer, Spiritmaster, Black Mage, Thief
      TemplarFreelancer, White Mage, Monk, Black Mage
      RangerFreelancer, Thief, Red Mage, Black Mage
      BishopFreelancer, White Mage, Black Mage, Knight
      OracleFreelancer, Spiritmaster, White Mage, Black Mage

      Optimizing Default Settings

      To optimize the default settings for Bravely Default, consider the following steps:

      • Set the Battle Speed to “Fast” in the Config menu.
      • Disable the “Battle Effects” option in the Config menu to speed up combat. You can re-enable them later if desired.
      • Enable the “Auto-Save” option in the Config menu to create a backup save file before major events or boss fights.
      • Adjust the sound and music volume to your liking in the Config menu.

      These settings will enhance your gameplay experience by providing a faster and more efficient combat system. Keep in mind that you can customize these options to suit your personal preferences.

      Well, there you have it, folks! You now possess the秘伝のスクロール (Secret Scroll) to unlocking the final, elusive job in Bravely Default. Remember, the journey to this hidden treasure is not for the faint of heart, but with dedication and a trusty guide, you can emerge victorious. Thanks for reading, and be sure to check back later for more epic gaming adventures!