How Do I Find My Isin Code for Mutual Funds

To find the International Securities Identification Number (ISIN) code for a mutual fund, you can follow these steps:

1. Visit the website of the fund house or the registrar and transfer agent (RTA) of the mutual fund.
2. Navigate to the fund’s information page or fund details section.
3. Look for a section labeled “Scheme Details” or “Fund Factsheet.”
4. Within this section, you should find the ISIN code listed under “Scheme/Fund Information” or a similar heading.
5. If you cannot find the ISIN code on the fund house or RTA website, you can also contact the customer care department of the fund house or the RTA and request the ISIN code for the specific mutual fund.

Utilize Online Portals for Mutual Fund Information

Numerous online portals offer comprehensive information on mutual funds, including their ISIN codes. Here’s how you can leverage these portals:

  • Visit reputable financial websites or mobile applications that provide up-to-date mutual fund data.
  • Enter the name of the mutual fund you’re interested in or use the search filters to narrow down your options.
  • Access the detailed fact sheet or profile of the fund, which typically includes the ISIN code.

Some popular online portals for mutual fund information include:

  • Value Research
  • Morningstar
  • Mutual Funds India
Fund NameISIN Code
Axis Bluechip FundINF176J01I79
ICICI Prudential Technology FundINF400M01AU2
SBI Small Cap FundINF117K01HX6

Contact the Mutual Fund Company or Distributor

The quickest and most accurate way to find your ISIN code is to contact the mutual fund company or distributor directly.

You can typically find the contact information for your mutual fund company or distributor on their website, or on the prospectus or account statement you received when you purchased the fund.

Once you have contacted the mutual fund company or distributor, they will be able to provide you with the ISIN code for your fund.

Consult Fund Documents and Related Materials

To find your International Securities Identification Number (ISIN) code for mutual funds, you can refer to various fund-related documents and materials. Here are some sources to check:

  • Fund Prospectus: The fund’s prospectus typically contains an ISIN code section where you can find the unique identifier for the mutual fund.
  • Account Statements: Your account statements from the fund company or broker may include the ISIN code for the mutual funds you hold.
  • Fund Website: Many mutual fund companies provide ISIN codes on their official websites. Visit the website of the fund you’re interested in and look for the ISIN code in the fund details section.
  • Morningstar or Other Data Providers: Financial data providers such as Morningstar often display ISIN codes for mutual funds in their databases.
    Document/MaterialWhere to Find ISIN Code
    Fund Prospectus“Identification Information” or “Fund Details” section
    Account Statements“Investment Summary” or “Fund Details” section
    Fund Website“Fund Details,” “About the Fund,” or “Technical Information” section
    Morningstar or Other Data Providers“Fund Information” or “Identification” tab

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