Does Berlin Die in Money Heist

Berlin, a notorious robber in the Money Heist crew, meets his tragic end during the heist at the Bank of Spain. As the team prepares to flee with the gold, Berlin engages in a fierce shootout with the police, determined to provide cover for his comrades. Despite his valiant efforts, he is fatally injured during the intense crossfire. His sacrifice, along with the grief and determination it instills in the crew, becomes a pivotal moment in their daring escape. Berlin’s death leaves an enduring impact on the team, solidifying their resolve to execute their plan and honor his memory.

The Professor’s Plan

The Professor, the mastermind behind the heists in Money Heist, is a meticulous planner who leaves nothing to chance. His plan for the first heist, the Royal Mint of Spain, involves a team of eight highly skilled individuals with unique abilities. Berlin, a cold-hearted and ruthless jewel thief, is one of the key members of the team.

Berlin’s Role in the Heist

  • Negotiator: Berlin is responsible for negotiating with the authorities and hostage-takers.
  • Tactician: He develops strategies to handle unexpected situations and keep the heist on track.
  • Enforcer: Berlin is the team’s enforcer, willing to use violence to achieve their goals.

Berlin’s Fate

In the final moments of the first heist, Berlin sacrifices himself to save his team. He confronts the police, drawing their attention away from the other robbers, allowing them to escape. Berlin is shot multiple times and dies in the arms of his brother, Palermo.


Berlin’s Fate in the Royal Mint

When the heist on the Royal Mint of Spain occurs in Money Heist, Berlin’s character takes center stage. Berlin wields a sharp mind and commanding presence throughout the crime, but his fate hangs in the balance due to a tragic turn of events:

Berlin’s Terminal Illness

  • Prior to the heist, Berlin is diagnosed with a terminal illness, giving him a limited time to live.
  • He joins the heist team to secure his son’s future, knowing he will likely not survive.

Confrontation with the Police

During the heist, Berlin’s group clashes with the police, leading to a tense confrontation:

  1. Berlin volunteers to stay behind and distract the police, allowing his team to escape.
  2. A shootout ensues, resulting in Berlin’s capture and subsequent torture.

Berlin’s Sacrifice

Despite his detention, Berlin’s loyalty to his team remains unwavering:

  • He uses his cunning to relay information to his team, helping them complete the heist.
  • He ultimately sacrifices his own life to protect his teammates and ensure their escape.

Berlin’s Legacy

Although Berlin’s physical presence is gone, his influence reverberates throughout the series:

Part 2Ghostly guidance through flashbacks and Berlin’s philosopher son, Rafael
Part 5Return in a prequel season, revealing more about his past and relationships

Berlin’s character becomes a symbol of sacrifice, loyalty, and the complexities of a criminal’s heart, leaving an enduring mark on Money Heist and its fans.

The Palermo Connection




  • 柏林是一個複雜而迷人的角色。
  • 巴勒莫是一個天才的策劃者,在營救教授的過程中發揮了至關重要的作用。
  • 柏林和巴勒莫之間的關係是《紙房子》第四季中的關鍵。


The Aftermath of Berlin’s Demise

The death of Berlin in Money Heist sent shockwaves through both the audience and the criminal mastermind gang. His loss left a significant void within the group and had far-reaching consequences for their heists and personal lives.

  • Emotional Impact: Berlin’s death deeply affected his fellow robbers. Palermo, his closest companion, was devastated and struggled to cope with his absence. The loss also heightened tensions within the group, as his unique leadership style and charisma had kept them together.
  • Strategic Shift: Berlin was the mastermind behind the group’s heists. With his demise, they lost their primary strategist and were forced to adapt. Professor took on a more prominent leadership role but struggled to fill Berlin’s shoes.
  • Mourning and Tribute: The gang mourned Berlin’s passing in their own ways. They established a memorial for him and scattered his ashes at his favorite spot. His memory continued to inspire and guide their actions throughout subsequent heists.
CharacterReaction to Berlin’s Death
ProfessorTook on a more prominent leadership role but struggled to match Berlin’s charisma.
PalermoDevastated and struggled to cope with Berlin’s absence.
TokyoDeeply affected and carried Berlin’s memory throughout subsequent heists.
NairobiMourned Berlin’s loss and expressed her admiration for his leadership.

In conclusion, Berlin’s death in Money Heist had a profound impact on the group’s dynamics, strategy, and emotions. His absence left a lasting legacy that shaped their subsequent actions and ensured that his spirit continued to guide them through their criminal exploits.

Well, there you have it, folks! The fate of Berlin in “Money Heist” has been revealed. I hope this article has shed some light on the mystery and satisfied your curiosity. Whether he lived or died, Berlin will always be remembered as one of the most iconic characters in the series. Thanks for joining me on this wild ride. Be sure to visit again later for more updates and insights into the world of “Money Heist.” Until then, ¡hasta luego, amigos!