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VidIQ review and Thoughts on it #

Hey everyone, today I'm going to go through VidIQ's important features and review it so you can decide whether to use VidIQ software for Youtube Productivity or use alternate software of VidIQ..

So, what exactly is vidIQ? #

VidIQ is a YouTube Productivity Chrome extension application that displays various stats on the YouTube website and in our YouTube creators dashboard.

These indicators, such as trending video ideas, views per hour analytics, daily ideas, competitor comparison, trend alerts, tags to choose, thumbnail creation, and so on, might help us on our YouTube journey.

VidIQ Extension

Key VidIQ Features: #

One of the most intriguing aspects of VidIQ is its cost and unique features such as idea generation, and many great metrics such Ai title generator and thumbnail creator.

Pricing: #

First, let's talk about pricing. VidIQ has a three-tier pricing strategy, with the Pro plan costing $10 USD per month, the Boost Plan costing $79 USD per month, and the MAX Plan costing $129 USD per month. Depending on how much money you wish to invest, you can select the Pro or Boost Plan; agencies typically use the Max Plan.

But in this case, I'm going to use the free tier. I realize it's limited, but there are still perks to the free plan; you can also begin with the free plan.

If we achieve good results through the free tier, we can upgrade it later.

Daily Ideas: #

VidIQ Extension

I first tried using Vidiq Extension a few years ago; at the time, it only displayed video tags and fewer significant metrics, but what fascinates me today is that it has a distinct UI and many important features, such as Video Ideas.

So in the free tier, it delivers three video ideas everyday, which is a gold mine for a beginner like myself, because many individuals don't know what topics to research or what videos to make, and VidIQ shows relevant topics.

So, I recommend that you follow the VidIQ video ideas suggestion and save all of the ideas for making videos for future use

For example, VidIQ video ideas suggested to me some topics to make videos about based on my most recent uploaded videos, such as "Hostile bundle Demo," "How to Win the Local SEO Game," and "How to Purchase Shared Hosting," among others. These topics are more relevant and people are searching for them.

If you're having trouble coming up with ideas to write about or make videos about, then VidIQ ideas generator is a great place to start.

Keyword Inspector: #

VidIQ Extension

Another feature I enjoy about VidIQ is its Keyword Inspector, which is a great handy tool because it will provide you the competition and other metrics like Search volume, related score, and Overall score before you make a video.

For example, if I search for "Local Seo," the free tier only displays the top 5 keywords that are related to each other, as well as their competition and search traffic.

Here you can see that the search volume for the local seo keyword is 74 627, the competition appears to be low, and the total score is low, so I can produce a film about it because everything is fine and good.

However, I recommend that you avoid targeting high-competition keywords for SEO purposes.

I'm not saying to target big volume keywords; perhaps someday, the YouTube algorithm will pick your video and it will receive millions of views; all I'm saying is don't target keywords with high competition, where many others are targeting the same keywords.

Rising Keywords: #

VidIQ Extension

You may also look at growing keywords for the months, as well as the week and day, however the free edition only shows 5 keywords; the premium version shows more.

Ai Video title , thumbnail Generator and Tags: #

VidIQ Extension

To begin with, the AI title generator isn't the finest feature, but it can come in helpful if you're stuck for title ideas, but in the end, it's up to you to name the title based on the video and what you talk about.

The thumbnail generator comes next, and it's fairly nice, but in the end, all the creative aspects like title and thumbnail must be your own.

It features a great thumbnail editor panel and some wonderful design tools to brush your Thumbnail and also some ready made templates to utilise, which you can check out, and it's actually fairly fantastic if you don't use any other editors.

Next, I don't think tags are as significant these days as they used to be. I've been following certain youtubers who say that tags are no longer useful and that we should only have a few tags on our videos to be relevant to the topics we create rather than having hundreds of tags.

Video Optimization checklists: #

VidIQ Extension

When you submit a video, VidIQ displays several checklists to follow, such as Title, Tags, Descriptions, End screens, cards, and so on.

My advice is to not follow too strictly to these checklists; instead, focus on the Title, Tags, and Description, as well as the thumbnail. Cards and end screens are not mandatory but if followed its no harm to you

Final thoughts on VidIQ: #

Should I use VidIQ? #

Absolutely, VidIQ is a great tool to use for YouTube growth, and some of the data it displays is incredible. The free plan is great, but the Pro plans are much better. If you're just getting started and playing with YouTube, then it's a must-try tool.

I ll update this post in future after using VidIQ extension and its