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So, how are you today? I'm back with another blog post about financial niche keywords.

All of these keywords were directly downloaded from the Semrush software and are highly focused on financial services and SEO.

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financial Keywords

So, what is the financial niche? #

Generally, financial niche is a very broad topic, all I can say is it's related to money things and its theories, for example, you write certain blog posts on money related things like how to earn money ,how to earn money from business ,how to start a business ,the things that related to Financial Services here you are explaining your struggle and your experience to others , and your readers will do is follow your methods or techniques to grow

There are specific categories where you can share your experiences, such as credit cards, student loans, mortgage, stock market, cryptocurrency market, forex trading, how to start a business, money management techniques, hotel management techniques, and anything else that is related to a specific business. This is the financial advise you offer your readers based on your own experience.

Financial Affiliate Programs #

  1. USAA Credit Cards

  2. BBVA Banks

  3. LifeLock

  4. Lending Tree

  5. Barclays US Online Savings

  6. CIT Bank

  7. Ally Invest

  8. Peer Street

  9. M1 Finance

  10. Truebill

What about content strategy? #

In this financial niche, you can promote a variety of products and join a variety of affiliate programmes such as credit cards, bank offers, insurance policies, and so on, where these companies pay a lot of money if you get a sale. According to my research, the average sale value of an affiliate programme is $50.

The financial niche Very competitive, yet many people want to follow other people's money saving advice, thus this is a quite large market that is also very competitive because it is a money niche and very Rewarding

You can write SEO-friendly articles by conducting keyword research, as I am providing you with a large list of keywords. You can download all of the financial keywords from the link provided below for the Excel sheet I am providing with this blog post, and you simply follow less competitive keywords and write articles on it.

Here's the link for excel sheet →