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30000 SEO Golf Keywords For Your Online Business or Blog #

golf keywords

Hi there,

Today, we covered a topic that is both fascinating and quite helpful for any golf-related website, blog, or online store.

The golf industry is tremendously profitable. You can make a lot of money in the golf niche if you're interested in it.

Today I'm going to provide you access to over 30,000 golf-related keywords that you can use for your SEO. These keywords were directly downloaded from Semrush, a highly useful SEO tool that's very well-liked by bloggers and marketers.

General Golf Industry Statistics #

The golf industry has grown 22% since 2011 to $68.8 billion. The California golf industry alone is worth $13.1 billion. The California golf industry employs 128,000 people with salaries of $4.1 billion. The US golf course and country club industry is a US$26.1 billion market.

Number of golfers in the United States: 34.2 million

Annual sales of golf equipment in the United States: $3 billion (Note that this does not include total economic impact, such as golf tourism. Total economic impact is $84 billion.)

Number of large companies in the United States: 141

Annual growth rate: 1.4%

golf's potential sub-niches

Given how crowded the worldwide golf market is, you might wish to further divide your blog, YouTube channel, or podcast. By doing this, you may interact with a certain audience more effectively and establish yourself as their preferred brand.

senior citizens' golf

Travel and tourism related to golf (very expensive!)

Competitive golf

Golf for children

Specific aspects of golf (e.g. put)

golf news

Pro Golf Analysis / Discussion

If you are looking for a golf niche then what?

Utilize the keyword databases offered on this site to conduct research and begin creating content that is relevant.

golf boxing review

golf club

Golf club

golf game

golf club

golf tips for women

golf tips at 90. break

golf tips for senior handicappers

golf tips at 80. break

chipping golf tips

golf irons

golf tips for experienced players

list of golf tips

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Note: Currently i am not able to find how to add Excel sheets in the markdown blog so, whenever i get it , then i ll upload them on this blog, till then use the below markdown version of keywords.