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Hey everyone, here is post number four on free semrush keywords, and in this article we'll talk about travel niche and how to download all the keywords that have been listed below.

I have provided almost 3400 keywords, With keyword difficulty of less than 10 from the semrush software.

You can start writing blogs or websites and offering coupons for various travel destinations, or you can even start writing about your hometown and directing readers to different locations you are very familiar with, such as coffee shops, motels, and hotels. This is important because visitors who are travelling are unfamiliar with your city and its cuisine.

Motivation for Travel blog #

If you write them properly and include all of this information, you may generate a good amount of traffic in this market, and the visitors will gain from this in a variety of ways because contentor reviews on Travel websites is often faked by several fake reviewers.

Since there are many cities, there is no competition in this niche because everyone tries to write about major cities, but if you write on a local city, every place has travellers, therefore I think people will appreciate it if you provide real information or at least your perspective on the topic.

Content Marketing #

before travelling, they want to learn everything there is to know about historical individuals, historical hotels, historical cuisine, and historical culture.

Therefore, if you're on the right track or if you write well-written articles about your own city or other cities you've enjoyed visiting, a lot of people could gain from it. You can also join various affiliate programmes in this market or even sign up for Amazon Associates to promote various products like cameras or various types of dresses, dress codes, or anything else you can think of.

There are several affiliate programmes in this area, and you may partner with any local hotel to refer international visitors and earn really great money for your referrals.

Market statistics from the website statista #

According to estimates, the worldwide internet travel market will grow in size in 2021 compared to the previous year. The estimated value of the global internet travel market was predicted to increase from approximately 396 billion dollars in 2020 to approximately 433 billion dollars in 2021. By 2026, it is anticipated that this market would be worth about 691 billion dollars.

Best Travel Affiliate Programs #

  1. Expedia


  3. Agoda

  4. Tripadvisor

  5. Amazon Associates


  7. GAdventures

  8. Travelpayouts

  9. Kayak

  10. Viator

Final thoughts #

Therefore, I did research on more than 3400 keywords for this article, all of which were directly obtained from the Semrush software, so I'm giving you this information so you can perform some good keyword research and provide your readers more useful information.

You can click on the URLs I've provided below to download keywords or an Excel sheet, or you can copy the Excel file I've included below.

Here's the link for travel niche keywords