Vacancies at Dhiraj Hospital

1 Resident Medical Officer


MD(FM/PSM)/ MS/Diploma in medical field with  3 year exp./MBBS with 5 years Exp. as a Medical officer in multi-speciality Hospital, willing to reside in campus.


  • Morning Rounds of Hospital for all patient care areas – Wards, ICCU, ICU, All Wings, Cath ICU: To study night problems and take appropriate actions.
  • To see occupancy report & take actions to place medical officer duties for smooth functioning of Department.
  • Emergency Call Rota, Ensure proper treatment given to the emergency pt. ensures that References & admitted under care as per the hospital policy.
  • To make sure that grooming standard should be maintained by all the Medical Officers.
  • Public relation with hospital visitors.
  • Solving Doctors / Staff grievances & report to Management / Directors/ Medical Superintendent / GM – Opr
  • Initiate Training sessions for Nursing staff
  • Involve him self in implantation of E-clinical work software for Training of Medical staff
  • Deal with consultant to resolve their problems for proper treatment and care for Indoor patient
  • Duty timing : ideal 9am to 5pm and as and Evening round of the hospital before leaving duty to oversee staff management.
  • To fill mediclaim forms, Issue certificates on behalf of consultant and to do the needful with patient / relatives
  • To attend Medico Legal cases on behalf of Consultant doctor after getting their approval
  • To notify Medical Superintendent / GM – Opr for Medico legal summons
  • Always keep consultants in loop for their patients certificates issued by you
  • Active file / passive file audit for improvement in documentation of Hospital records
  • Ensure proper History taking, Consents, Vitals, Charts, Proper over given, Discharge summary and proper documentation done by concern Medical Staff
  • when require as per work load
  • Participation for successful Implementation of the policy decision taken by Hospital Management for Medical staff
2 Nursing Superintendent


M.Sc. nursing with total 10yrs exp./ B.Sc. nursing with 10yrs exp.

5yrs as a Dy. Nursing Superintendent, with excellent communication skills, organisational and planning skills.


  • Responsible and overall In-charge of Nursing Services in a hospital
  • Responsible for planning hospital nursing policies
  • Develop strategies and execute CSSD related processes
  • Supervise Infection control related measures in different area.
  • Responsible for implementing hospital policies amongst various nursing units.
  • Facilitate statutory and hospital license procedures with concern department.
  • Recommend personnel and material requirement for various nursing service departments of the hospital.
  •  Assist in recruiting nursing staff.
  • Responsible for Induction and on job training of nursing staff
  • Make plan for placement of nursing staff including sister-in-charge, staff nurse, students in different units, their rotation plan, and maintain a satisfactory schedule.
  • Ensure discipline and good behaviour of nursing staff with patients
  •  Responsible for making nursing audit and take necessary action accordingly.
  • Regular rounds of the hospital.
  • Accompany MS/Addl. MS while making hospital rounds.
  • Ensure safe and efficient care rendered to patients in various wards etc.
  • Coordinate of condemnation activities for linen and other hospital stores.
  • counselling and guidance of sub-ordinate staff.
  • To attend hospital meetings related to patient care
  • Responsible to investigate all complaints regarding nursing care and personnel, and take suitable corrective action.
  • To evaluate confidential reports of sub-ordinate staff and recommend for promotion, higher studies etc.
  • Periodical meeting with the hospital administrators and nursing staff to make the nursing administration effective.
  • To coordinate with Purchase and Store/Inventory for smooth supply of linen and stationery requirement of various areas.
  • To coordinate with Housekeeping and maintenance department to ensure best patient care.
  • To coordinate with Medical record department for maintenance of various patient register
  • Coordination with Biomedical waste management department to ensure proper disposal.
  • To periodically interact with clinical heads to discuss problems in patient care.
  • Educate nursing staff of all categories by conducting awareness programme on universal Precautions and monitor its’ implementation.
  • Analyses daily reports/census on hospital situation, e.g. admission, discharge etc. in order to replace nursing manpower or submit reports to higher authority
3 Nursing Staff


B.Sc. – Nursing / GNM (ICU, OT, Cath Lab experience is preferable)


  • Patient care, attending the emergency cases and giving immediate first aid.
  • Attending doctors on rounds. Conduct clinical service as per doctors’ instructions.
  • Checking vitals, giving bed care such as mouth care, back care, eye care. Prepares and
  • Arranges trolley  Shifting / receiving the patients to rooms, wards and OT.
  • Accompanying patients for investigation. Obtaining samples. Writing and updating patient
  • condition reports,, drugs and medication.  Maintaining and updating nurse’s notes and other charts and registers.
  • Counselling and psychological support to patients. Imparts health education to patients.
  • He/ She will be responsible to try the best to get the patients best nursing care, necessary investigation done & its record to patients file & accompany the doctor in charge of the unit during ward round.
  • He/she will be responsible to establish liaison between the public and hospital in friendly atmosphere
4 Night Administrator


Post graduate / Graduate with 5 year Exp. in Hospital Operations/ Administration


  • Job involves to be present in Hospital at night time and monitor activities.
  • Candidate should be familiar with functioning of Hospital .
  • A working knowledge of the overall operation of the Hospitals and the ability to prioritize multiple tasks.
  • Ability to work with diverse staff and management.
5 PRO Cum Floor coordinator


Post Graduate with Min. 5yrs. of exp. in Hospital. Person with good communication skill will be preferred.


  • To take two rounds daily of Hospital, Morning & Evening, inform the report to GM & Medical Superintendent and Director as per need.
  • Carry out tasks assigned by the Management in regard to PR & Doctor Liaison.
  • To gather day to day negative feedback and discuss with GM – Opr and Medical Superintendent and find out the immediate solutions with no future repetitions.
  • Generating the Monthly feed back reports of all collected feed back.
  • Monthly MIS reporting for Feedbacks
  • Find out the departmental performance report based on feed back reports.
  • Meeting the Consultants regularly during their rounds and finding the feed back from them as well. Consultants should have good rapport & can get their problems listened to & solve as soon as possible.
  • Assist the GM and Medical Superintendent and Director as & when required.
  • To maintain the duty Rota of all the CCO staff.
  • Preparing and submitting to higher authorities all the administrative reports.
  • Ensure proper functioning of the Front Office.
  • Public relation with hospital visitors& Daily round & meet each patient.
  • Solving Doctors/Staff grievances & report to General Manager-Operations.
  • Training of CCO Staff, Induction and Orientation of all the Staff.
  • Assists in Quality accreditation Program .
  • To ensure that all the future reservations of patients are informed.
  • To know the functioning of HMS Software.
  • To arrange for escorting patient to room or ward station as and when required.
  • To sort mails and deliver messages and accelerate to the appropriate authority.
  • Responsible to maintain telephone lines, EPABX.
  • Maintain and control AEC power supply.
  • Keep an eye on main door activities.
  • Keep main reception area cleaned all the time by HK staff.
  • Read and maintain over book on daily basis.
  • To check complete information required for registration and admission.
  • To keep record of consultant wise and category wise admissions and provide it to GM-0ps.& Directors when asked or monthly.
  • OPD Management and Consultants Coordination.
  • Courtesy calls for patient follow up if required.
  • To ensure that Courier dispatch and receipt is done properly.
  • Coordinates, through organizational leaders, educational activities regarding standards, systems and other quality improvement methodologies.
  • Manage the patient satisfaction survey, consultant survey, internal audits and track recommendations for corrections of identified deficiencies.
  • To meet with staff members to interpret changes in managerial procedures.
  • To meet with members of community and to promote good public relations for the hospitals.
  • To attend meeting of professional civic and service organizations as a representative of the hospital when asked.
  • Patient care facilitation
  • Facilitating Medical Health check ups.
  • Patient problem solutions
  • Patient feedback
  • Doctors feedback
  • To show Hospital to Guests.
  • Direct doctor’s queries to concern department/s i.e. Administration, Medical Superintendent, Medi claim and Account.
  • Personally meet each patient on daily base to get feedback from them and direct them for their queries and issues.
  • Oversee discipline of staff for their work profile, Time Punctuality and uniform, ID cards and Behaviour and report them to concern HODs and as and when to GM and Medical Superintendent.
  • Inter departmental co-ordination (Wards, H/K, Maintenance, Stores, Admin, IT)
6 Biomedical Engineer (Service& Maintenance)


Candidate with BE or B.Tech in Biomedical Engineering with Min. 5yrs. of exp.


  • Prepare & maintain total medical equipment list of Hospital.
  • Weekly stock & maintenance report.
  • To know all suppliers related to their equipments.
  • To survey & analyze damage/dysfunction of Medical Equipments.
  • To get these equipments repaired when there is any fault.
  • To look after supply of ECG papers, RBS strips & other accessories etc.
  • To look after CO2, O2 and NO2 – central lines, manifold, cylinders availability & prompt supply.
  • To provide necessary support & training to medical & non-medical staff regarding knowledge, usage & equipments.
  • To maintain & look after RO plant.
  • Any other work related to Medical Equipments assigned by Management.
  • Emergency on call.
  • Quality Indicators:
    • Equipment downtime
  • Key Performance Indicators:
    • Minimizing equipment down time.
    • Maintenance, upkeep and calibration of all equipments.
    • Training sessions conducted on proper use of equipment.
7 Maintenance Engineer


Bachelor degree in engineering with min. 5 years of exp. in Hospital .


  • Prepare & maintain total list of equipments assigned to you for Maintenance Department (As mentioned Bellow) of Hospital.
    • RO Plant, ACs (Other than OT AHU), TVs, Fridge, Telephone and EPBX system, Plumbing, Carpentry, Furniture , Solar System, Laundry machines, Water cooler, Fire System, Pest Control, Bore and Water Pumps
  • To take daily detailed round of each area of Hospital
  • To do negotiation with Vendors for AMC / CMC / Repairing etcs
  • To know all suppliers related to equipments.
  • To survey & analyze damage/dysfunction
  • To do preventive Maintenance of equipments
  • To Conduct training for Fire Safety System
  • Duty management for Staff assigned to your department
  • To maintain cleanliness in department
  • To maintain scrap details of equipments
  • To coordinate with account department for financial terms negotiated with vendors
  • To take Safety round of Hospital for Patient , Staff and Relative Safety measures
  • To report GM – Opr and Medical Superintendent for any issue / critical incidence.
  • To represent Senior Management when require
  • Should be available for emergency call
  • To maintain up to date stock register
8 AC Technician


Ability to maintain device and repair all types of AC

– ITI with 3 years of Exp.


  • The air conditioning technicians install, inspect, maintain, and repair air conditioner.
  • Ventilate equipment and controls making sure to operate efficiently and continuously.
  • Perform regular maintenance work on cooling units.
  • Diagnose electrical and mechanical defects and malfunctions.
  • Install, replace, or repair equipment that has been damaged.
  • Make adjustment and do calibrations of thermostatic controls.
  • Install new air-conditioning systems and equipment.
  • Inspect and maintain refrigerators and ice machines systems.
  • Clean blowers and coils, check tensions of belts and motors.
  • Make plans and designs of new air-conditioning systems including their installation and maintenance.
  • Repair or replace defective equipment, components, or wiring.
  • Test electrical circuits and components for continuity, using electrical test equipment.
  • Air-conditioning and heating systems must be maintained to function properly and efficiently. Technicians often perform standard maintenance and testing of the equipment. They clean the system, change filters and check air quality levels. They also replace broken or worn parts to ensure the system operates in accordance with industry standards and government regulations.
  • Any other duties that may be assigned to you from time to time by your superiors.
  • On call 24*7 for any kind of AC related problems in the hospital
9 Electrician


ITI with 5 years of exp. / Diploma Electrical Engg with 3 years of exp.


  • Installs and monitors performance of installed electrical equipment for hazards, adjustments, or replacement.
  • Repairs, installs, replaces, and tests electrical circuits, equipment, and appliances using appropriate tools and testing instruments.
  • Leads, guides, and/or trains other electricians in applicable procedures and techniques.
  • Operates and maintains medium voltage switchgear and controls; may repair and maintain motor control centres and programmable logic controls.
  • Troubleshoots and repairs primary distribution system malfunctions such as ground fault tracing and cable replacement.
  • Plans electrical primary system extensions to power secondary systems.
  • Ensures proper care in the use and maintenance of equipment and supplies; promotes continuous improvement of workplace safety and environmental practices.
  • Reads, employs, and updates electrical panel schedules and building or system blueprints.
  • Performs miscellaneous job-related duties as assigned.
  • Knowledge of medium voltage systems and equipment, substations, multiple interconnected substations, and primary power distribution.
  • Ability to use appropriate tools and diagnostic equipment to repair, install, replace, and test medium and low voltage electrical circuits, equipment and appliances.
  • Ability to use hand and power tools applicable to trade.
  • Ability to diagnose and repair electrical controls, industrial motor control centers, and programmable logic controllers for both primary and secondary systems.
  • Ability to read, understand, follow and enforce safety procedures
  • Ability to install and maintain motors, welding equipment, lighting fixtures, generators, circuit breakers, and transformers as appropriate to the position.
  • Ability to isolate defects in wiring, switches, motors, and other electrical equipment.
  • Any other duties that may be assigned to you from time to time by your superiors.
10 MRI/CT/X-Ray Technician


B.Sc. Radiography; Diploma /Certified course in CT/MRI/X-RAY + One year Exp.


  • To perform X-Ray/MRI/CT procedures according to departmental standards and to scan designated anatomical area of the patients.
  •   To correctly identify patients and positions using supportive devices to obtain precise patient position and transfer them in a timely manner and ensuring that all the people involved are safe.
  •  To explain the procedure to the patients and their relatives, talk to the patient over the intercom system; observe them through the window of the control room to monitor patient safety and comfort.
  • To view images of organs or tissues on the video display screen to ensure quality of pictures and evaluates radiographs, videotapes and computer generated information for technical quality.
  •  To report problems and pass on information of an operational nature to the department head  or to the supervisor.
  • To coordinate with machine vendor in case of any issue with the machine & to Keep a check on equipments PMS, Calibrations, QA, QC & Services.
  • To Ensure Patient satisfaction & addressing/handling of Patients issues.
11 Vigilance & Security Supervisor Graduate with 3-4 years of exp. as a supervisor Or Retired Military Servicemen ( Ex. Servicemen ) will be preferred.


  • Maintain a positive attitude toward the Vigilance Security Supervisor position.
  • Know, enforce, and abide by all Dhiraj hospital rules and regulations.
  • Clearly demonstrate a complete and strong working knowledge of the Security Supervisor position.
  • Mandatory knowledge of all emergency policies and procedures so that appropriately response should be taken if an emergencies occur.
  • Should manage all kind of crisis that may arise in the hospital.
  • Proper training of security guards.
  • Respond to disciplinary problems involving staff members calmly and reasonably, while maintaining an accurate record of the problems.
  • Establish good communication and proper working relationships with all Security staff members, and other hospital staff professionals.
  • Reviews utilization and maintenance of security equipment.
  • Maintains and recommends changes or improvements in the record keeping system for security guard activities.
  • Monitor and authorize entrance and departure of employees, visitors, and other persons to guard against theft and maintain security of premises.
  • Write reports of daily activities and irregularities, such as equipment or property damage, theft, presence of unauthorized persons, or unusual occurrences.
  • Call police or fire departments in cases of emergency, such as fire or presence of unauthorized persons.
  • Report in detail of any suspicious incidents.
  • Watch alarm systems or CCTV cameras and operate detecting/emergency equipment.
  • Ensure that no properly belonging to the University is removed by unauthorised person.
  • Check the entry of unauthorised person.
  • Report cases of theft sabotage or fire to security offices/authorities at once.
  • Any other duties that may be assigned to you from time to time by superiors.
12 House Keeping Supervisor Graduate with Min. 5yrs. working with multi speciality hospital.
  • Training housekeepers on cleaning and maintenance tasks
  • Overseeing staff performance on a daily basis
  • Checking rooms and common areas, including stairways and lounge areas, for cleanliness
  • Schedule shifts and arrange for replacements in cases of absence
  • Establish and educate staff on cleanliness, tidiness and hygiene standards
  • Motivate team members and resolve any issues that occur on the job
  • Respond to customer complaints and special requests
  • Monitor and replenish cleaning products stock including floor cleaner, bleach and rubber gloves
  • Participate in deep cleaning as required
  • Ensure compliance with safety and sanitation policies in all areas
  • Organizes all staff during the day and hosts daily meetings with housekeeping staff.
  • Provide cleaners with supplies and equipment, such as cloths, disinfectant, washing agents and mops to assist them in their cleaning endeavours
  • Oversee cleaning work done by the staff to ensure that it has been done to standard and according to procedures
  •  Interview, hire and train cleaning crew members to ensure that all rotating shifts are full
  •  Create and maintain inventory of cleaning supplies and equipment, and ensure appropriate liaison with vendors to ensure prompt delivery of both
  • Ascertain that all chemical and hospital waste is properly disposed of by following set procedures and protocols of the hospital
  • Oversee the disinfection and cleaning of hospital areas, including rooms, bathrooms, lobbies and offices
  • Keep abreast of equipment repair or supplies replenishment needs and ensure that they are timely fulfilled
  • Ascertain that custodial staff members actively clean and turn patients’ mattresses, and change linen on a daily basis
  • Oversee the work of housekeeping staff, specifically laundry staff members to ensure prompt and efficient delivery of clean linen to rooms and wards
  • Address patients’ or families’ complaints and ensure a quick resolution to ensure their satisfaction
13 Marketing Executive Candidate with MBA (marketing) with min. 2-5 yrs. of experience in multi super speciality hospital
  • Develop pricing strategies, balancing firm objectives and customer satisfaction.
  • Identify, develop, and evaluate marketing strategy, based on knowledge of establishment objectives, market characteristics, and cost and mark-up factors.
  • To take care of all the publishing material of the hospital namely: information booklet, leaflets, handbills, brochure, and other related materials. These shall include the content, design, creativity and proof – reading etc.
  • Formulate, direct and coordinate marketing activities and policies to promote services.
  • To execute the various activities planned as per the phase wise Marketing plans for example, CMES, Workshops Camps, Patient Education Program, Life –Style Management Program Etc.
  • Compile lists describing service offerings.
  • Evaluate the financial aspects, such as budgets, expenditures, research and development appropriations, and return-on-investment and profit-loss projections.
  • Direct the hiring, training, and performance evaluations of marketing staff and oversee their daily activities.
  • Coordination with respective service head and service providers (eg Consultants, Admin departments etc…) on service specification, understanding and ensuring smooth functioning
  • Confer with legal and bylaws requirement eg obtaining legal/concern authority permissions
  • Coordinate and participate in promotional activities, working with NGOs, government programs etc.
  • Initiate market research studies and analyse their findings.
  • To explore newer geographical area new markets, for customer target for hospital.
  • To do regular fieldwork to understand and develop sound marketing plan.
  • Maintaining websites and looking at data analytics
14 PA to Medical Superintendent Post graduate / Graduate with relevant exp. Person with fluent in English & Multitasking will be preferred.

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