Collaboration Policy


  • Collaboration in various research institute / organizations/ laboratory offers better solution as well as opportunity of up gradation of ideas and infrastructure availability for the researchers who want to pursue high end research work in their fields.
  • This policy has been formulated for our faculty and researchers to acquire global knowledge by collaborative research involving national, international, private and government universities, industries/agencies as well research labs of CSIR, DBT, DST and DRDO.


To participate in high impact and quality medical and paramedical research projects in association with experts/scientists of government/private organization/institutes at national and international level in order to improve the quality of life

Signatory Authority for Collaboration

  1. Collaboration within Institute – HoI/HoD
  2. Collaboration with external agencies- Registrar/HoI


  1. Collaborative policies for Inter-institutional/ Inter-departmental Research
  • Research Cell encourages all sort of research collaboration within institutes as well as within departments for making the research feasible with quality improvement. Faculty of participating department / institute must have mutual understanding for execution of the project since all six institutes belong to SVDU as a parent organization.
  • All concerned lab–in–charge / faculty of department must support the collaborative research project in all means. He/she should develop certain SOP/time schedule/timing specified for instrument/research facility specific for research. Preferably the schedules can be set-up on weekly basis so that researcher can plan his/her experiments accordingly.
  • Principle investigator should include the name /s of the participating faculty / lab-in-charge in any publication as one of the author in case where his/her contribution in the project found indispensable or otherwise at least his / her name must be acknowledged with relevant support
  1. Collaborative policies for Research with External Institutes/ Universities/ Organizations
  • Research Cell encourages and appreciates collaboration with external participants (i.e. other scientists or local/state/ national/international level government/ non-governmental institution/ universities/ industries/ NGOs/ agencies) for multi-disciplinary, trans-disciplinary and inter–disciplinary research projects to promote high end research by utilizing sophisticated research facilities and expertise of collaborative partner. This can be initiated by signing MoU between the partners mentioning all terms and conditions. The MoU should be duly signed by the officials of both the parties

* Framed on 22nd March 2017