Veteran Air Commodore (Dr.) Gaurav D. Mehta,


Having spent the 2nd half of my career as an educationist, the appointment as Chancellor holds a special meaning to me.

Teaching has always been my passion and I find it extremely gratifying. I consider it one of the noblest professions because it shapes and influences the future of our young people.  The trust and appreciation I have received over the years from the students, the staff and my colleagues have been particularly heartwarming.

Education is a dynamic venture, both an art and science. Education must be prepared to continually adapt to meet ever changing social needs and convert potential citizens into a productive global community. Learning is an active as well as an interactive process. Students learn by doing but they also learn by watching and modeling those around them. With this in mind, teachers, specialists, paraprofessionals, administrators and all involved in the life of a Vidyapeeth need to be committed to lifelong learning for their own professional and personal development.

Their aim should truly be to provide opportunities to teach all so as to :

  1. Develop multi faceted professionals in diverse fields, through adoration of emerging technologies, to understand the rapidly changing needs of the complex global economy and to prepare their mindset to be confident, creative and proactive.
  2. Develop sustainable network with high quality academicians & professionals in the corporate & social area.
  3. Shape up a complete human being through value education that has global focus enriched by extensive industrial interaction.
  4. Provide students with clear guidelines regarding policy and procedure as well as expectations for their behavior in all kind of situations, in order to enhance their academic performance. The best approach to education in the twenty-first century is a collaborative one that involves continually assessing and addressing the needs of the student, their families, the institute and the community. This process cannot work unless it includes diverse members from all the fields. Educational leaders must have the vision to empower all those involved to remain committed to the organization.